Welcome to our Whittier Elementary School PTA Website

**August 2022: Please pardon our dust while we update the content of the website!

We are so glad you are here.

The Whittier PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. Our mission requires that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) be central to our work and used in our day-to-day decisions and actions. The Whittier PTA strives to create a kind, responsive culture where all feel welcome.

Whittier families (and staff!), please join the PTA for the 2022-2023 School Year, go to https://whittierschoolpta.org/whittierpta2022/

*Cost should never be a barrier to engaging/participating in your PTA. Please contact us at info@whittierschoolpta.org if you would like to request assistance with membership fees.

Dear Whittier families,

We hope that you all enjoyed the fun filled summer days, and it’s with great enthusiasm that we invite you to get ready for another exciting and successful school year. Welcome back to our returning families. To our new families, welcome to the Whittier community; we look forward to helping you get involved in your child’s school life!

With your support we can continue to make Whittier Elementary School academically challenging and nurturing for our children. Whittier Elementary is a community based on dedicated parent involvement. Your contribution – whether it’s your time, knowledge or resources makes a difference. We personally invite you to become an involved member of the Whittier PTA. Parents can volunteer in a number of ways; chaperoning a field trip, helping out in your child’s classroom, supervising lunch and recess, volunteering in the LRC, just to name a few. Another way you can help out is by joining the Whittier PTA group to provide additional help and resources for the benefit of our children. Thank you for helping in any way that you can, and showing your children the importance you place in their education!

We look forward to getting to know your family. We hope that you join us for one of our PTA meetings. Please review the calendar and/or the Whittier Weekly for specific details.

School Year General PTA Meetings:

The PTA wants to help you stay informed and connected to all Whittier news and current events. The best way to stay informed is register as a PTA Member (link above) to receive the Whittier Weekly, view the live PTA calendar and access DirectorySpot (our class/school directory). It’s a weekly email that provides all the pertinent information and current events and activities at school. You may also be interested in communicating with us through Facebook (“Whittier School PTA”).

If you have any questions or would like more information on membership in our PTA, please feel free to email the board at info@whittierschoolpta.org. We look forward to another great year at Whittier!

The Whittier Elementary School PTA Executive Board of 2022-2023:

Susan Ourada & Maggie Kurcz Wiescinski, Co-Presidents

Sarah Swanson and Britta Waszak, Co-Vice Presidents

Carol Avila, Treasurer

Cindy Maquet, Secretary