Masterpiece of the Month

Masterpiece of the Month

The Purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our Souls.” -Pablo Picasso

We are getting ready for our PTA sponsored Masterpiece of the Month to start up in October!

What is Masterpiece of the Month? A monthly art program for Grades 1-5 where the kids are introduced to an Artist and a famous masterpiece through discussion, crafts and reading.

Can you help out? YES!! We need parent volunteers for each classroom to continue to make this program a success.

Is it a huge time commitment? NO! Maybe 1-2 hours for the month you are presenting and we try to have at least two parents for each classroom so you only have to present every other month. But I know nothing about Art? THAT’s OK! We have lots of resources and very experienced parents that have done this for years and can help out.

Will my kid think I am a Rock Star? YES! In fact, every kid in the class will think you are a Rock Star! The smiles we get when we walk into the classroom each month are priceless not to mention the imagination and creativity we are fostering.

Questions?  Please contact Kristi Maher at kmaher@ftportfolios.com or 630.772.1966