Classroom Halloween Parade and Party

Classroom Halloween Parade and Party

October 31, 2016 @ 1:30 PM – 2:55 PM

Our Halloween celebration will take place on Monday, October 31.  The celebration this year will again include a Halloween Parade and Classroom Parties.  In order to keep all students safe, we will continue following the Halloween Procedures that have been established at Whittier.

Regular school hours will be followed.  All students will remain at school for lunch.  Students will bring costumes to school and change into them prior to our parade.  No make-up will be allowed, as students will be making a quick change into costumes prior to our parade.  Students should be able to independently put on their costumes.  There will be some assistance for our younger students.  In addition, please remember these guidelines as you and your child(ren) select a costume:  We ask that no props be brought to school as part of your costume.  No weapons or look-alike weapons should be part of a costume (toy guns, swords, knives, light sabers, etc.).  No masks should be worn that may impair a student’s vision in the parade.  Students may not bring an animal to school in conjunction with costumes.  School Dress Code needs to be followed when choosing a costume.

The Halloween celebration will consist of a parade, games, crafts/activities, and a healthy snack.  Students should NOT bring any candy treat bags or other food items to share with their classmates.  Children will receive enough of these treats if they choose to go trick-or-treating.

The Halloween Parade will begin at 1:30pm, and parents may line-up on the perimeter of the East Playground for viewing.  If weather is inclement, the parade will take place in the Gym for parents to view.  Classroom Parties will then begin at approximately 2:00pm.  We ask that only the pre-assigned Room Parent and Parent Volunteers attend the inside parties, as we do not have enough space to host everyone, and a crowd may be overwhelming to some of our students.

We appreciate your strict adherence to these guidelines, for the safety of all our students, and look forward to another fun-filled afternoon.

Halloween Procedures