Destination Imagination Competition

Destination Imagination Competition

March 4, 2017 @ 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Hadley Junior High in Glen Ellyn
Destination Imagination Competition @ Hadley Junior High in Glen Ellyn
The regional tournament for Destination Imagination is on Saturday, March 4th at Hadley Junior High in Glen Ellyn.  There are eight teams from Whittier School competing at the tournament. Teams have been busy preparing for the tournament the last several months.
Come out and support these creative kids and learn about Destination Imagination!  This is a great way to get a firsthand view of DI in action.
To learn more about DI and the upcoming regional tournament CLICK HERE!
Below is a schedule of the Whittier teams’ time slots for presentations and rooms where they will be presenting.
TIME                ROOM                              TEAM NAME                            MANAGER
9:20 am        Library Media Room            Improvisation                       Wendy Carter’s team
9:20 am        Room 132                           Imaginative Dragons            Debbie Dobrez’s team
10:00 am      Library Media Room           LMD                                      Shelly Beavers & Melissa Rausch’s team
10:40 am      Room 134                           HubbuJubs                           Val Hardy’s team
10:40 am      Room 138                           Rising Stars                          Michelle Rafacz’s team
1:40 pm        Room 130                           DI Donuts                             Julie DeCero’s team
1:40 pm        Library Media Room           Magic Seven                        Debbie Dobrez’s team
2:40 pm        Library Media Room           Improvisation                       Lisa McTigue’s team