Fun Lunch Ordering- Now Open!

Fun Lunch Ordering- Now Open!

Did you resolve to make your life easier in 2020? Have you made an action plan to rock the school stuff? We are here to help!

Starting today, Monday, January 6, you can order Fun Lunch for your little ones. The Spring ordering window will be open through next, Friday, 01/16. 

You can anticipate EIGHT Fridays where you won’t have to shop, chop, plan for, or pack a lunch for the hungry wee ones. We have lined up all their favorite restaurants to bring delicious vittles to Whittier for them to enjoy.
Don’t miss this opportunity to achieve your first resolution of the New Year.

Go to Boonli and start ordering. Be sure to page through the calendar all the way to May 2020 and order of 8 dates.

Note: The 3rd grade Chicago Field Trip is scheduled for May 15, so please order accordingly!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stacy Klepper (stacywalt@yahoo.com) or Karrie Donat (karrie313@gmail.com) for help.

Thank You!