Fun Lunch Refund Clarification

Fun Lunch Refund Clarification

It has been brought to our attention some of our families have opted out of messages from Boonli, and did not receive the important message below regarding Fun Lunch refunds and credits:

Dear patient, understanding, and stretched-thin homeschooling parents, 

We share your sadness that the remainder of the school year has been canceled. The kids are figuring out how to live in the new normal, and the grown ups are trying to wrap up the loose ends that have been unraveled.  Sigh. We know this is hard. 

Karrie and I appreciate your patience as we have waited for the “official word” to be given and as we have worked out a solution with Boonli.  After much conversation and negotiation, Boonli has offered to allow a credit to be issued on every account in the amount of the missed Fun Lunches (including the Potbelly’s debacle). Each account will be given a credit which will be applied to the balance incurred next Fall during the first ordering window.  

This credit will be calculated and automatically applied to your account. There is no need for you to do anything further at this time. When ordering next in the Fall, we will give step-by-step instructions about how to apply that credit towards your new balance. Easy-peasy.  

If you have special circumstances (ie: your youngest child is in 6th grade or your student(s) will not be returning to Whittier), please reach out to Karrie Donat at karrie313@gmail.com or Stacy Klepper at stacywalt@yahoo.com to discuss other options no later than Monday, April 27th. 

This has been a challenging time for all and we are so very thankful for your understanding. As Mr. Krugman says, “We will get through this.” Sooner rather than later, please! 🙂  

Be well and take good care, Stacy Klepper and Karrie Donat  

For families seeking refunds for PTA-sponsored programs that have been cancelled, other than Fun Lunch (Experiences, Wreck, etc), the three options provided earlier today remain:

Option 1: Donate the full amount to the PTA

Option 2: Donate a portion to the PTA (specify exact amount), and refund the rest.

Option 3:  Refund the full amount.

Please email our PTA Treasurer,  Lori.Achilles@gmail.com, indicating which option your family would prefer by FRIDAY, MAY 8th. If Lori does not receive a selection by FRIDAY, MAY 8th, the balance will be donated to the PTA.  On Monday, May 11th, refunds will be begin, and we appreciate your patience as it will take several days for Lori to complete the manual process. If you need the refund immediately, please let Lori know ASAP.