PTA Presidents, Past and Present

PTA Presidents, Past and Present

Families inevitably come and go from Whittier. In the interest of maintaining who may be able to provide insight into Whittier School PTA history, the following parents have served as PTA presidents:

2018-2019: Susan Lorenc and Jenn DiCosola

2017-2018: Adam Hill and John Giannelli

2016-2017: Karrie Donat and Carla Giannelli

2015-2016: Debbie Levinthal and Tiffany Kuelthau

2014-2015: Rita Brezina and Valerie Hardy

2013-2014: Lisa Geiger and Deb Loughman

2012-2013: Andrea Knudsen and Jennifer Mielke

2011-2012: Beth Peterson and Karen Spencer

2010-2011: Cindy Venckus and Jen Watts

2009-2010: Jill Browning and Donna Giuliano

2008-2009: Kim Atwater and Jean Boyd

2007-2008: Kelly Johnson and Kelly Murphy

2006-2007: Robin Krusenoski and Cheryl Prescott

2005-2006: Lisa Furstenau and Rita Raden

2004-2005: Diane Erickson and Julie Lueder

2003-2004: Diane Claver and Kelli Mitchell

Thanks to you and all of our wonderful PTA volunteers who have built and sustained our amazing Whittier Community throughout the years!