About Our PTA

About Our PTA

As you might have guessed, PTA is Whittier School’s “Parent-Teacher Association.” Our goals are two-fold:

  • to provide academic enrichment for Whittier students, and
  • to provide opportunities to build Whittier’s community.

Note that fundraising isn’t a goal, but a means to an end—and how we’re able to provide so many activities and events.  We continue to experience steep cuts in state funding for schools. But we don’t want that to stand in the way of our students receiving the best educational opportunities possible!

And that’s where we come in, supporting school assemblies and field trips and outfitting classrooms with the resources they need. We offer parent-paid classes like foreign language and chess. We encourage students to expand what they learn in class through Chess Club, W.R.E.C.K. and Destination ImagiNation.

The PTA Executive Board is the governing body behind the curtain, but we are not sole decision-makers. PTA functions like a democracy, and everyone is invited to attend our monthly meetings and offer opinions and suggestions.  Whittier is lucky to boast an involved team of teachers who participate in the PTA. They contribute their time, and often money, to help provide additional educational activities for our kids. We are grateful for their commitment.

We encourage all parents and teachers to join PTA; Whittier PTA dues fund both our state and national PTA dues and help begin the year with money in our coffers. That said, we consider our PTA a vital part of the Whittier Community serving ALL FAMILIES.

If YOU are looking to volunteer your time or your ideas, see the different ways in which you can participate, or contact us—we are always willing to work with you to find the best fit for your schedule and your passion.

Do you have a historical question about Whittier School PTA? Our list of past PTA presidents might be a good place to start!

The fine print: our PTA bylaws.