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Whittier Weekly Submission

Whittier Weekly Submission

The Whittier Weekly is a weekly newsletter that typically runs from mid-August through a couple weeks after school lets out in the spring. It is sent to everyone that has registered for the PTA website, and is sent on Tuesdays. On occasion, a communication will be sent for things that may pop up between scheduled newsletters. It’s a great way to keep tabs on what’s currently going in within our school as it relates to PTA activities, events, and volunteer needs, to name a few.
If you have something PTA-related you’d like to share, please submit your request by filling out this form.
Please complete the form by end of day on Sunday prior to the week you would like it posted. Please ensure information is complete to prevent delays in posting!

Questions? Contact us at info@whittierschoolpta.org

Whittier Weekly: Submission

Whittier Weekly Submission Details

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Write in a 3rd person, and feel free to include links, if appropriate. Refrain from providing personal information and phone numbers as it will be posted on the Whittier Website.
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