Frequently Asked Questions (for new—and not so new—families)

Frequently Asked Questions (for new—and not so new—families)

Beginning at a new school is one big inundation of information—you already have piles of papers from our fine administration, and now here’s PTA coming at you with activities in the Jaguar Jungle and ordering Fun Lunch, and your student comes home from his or her first week talking about Team Time and Second Step. Take a deep breath while we decipher it for you.

Terms You Might Hear at Whittier

1-to-1: A reference to DG58’s plan to make technology accessible to every student (one device per student, or 1:1).

Field Day: Field Day is a day of (what else?) games, usually outdoors, weather permitting, near the end of the school year.

Fun Lunch: PTA offers lunch from a local restaurant about twice a month on Fridays. Students must sign up and place their orders prior to the scheduled lunch date. Participating restaurants currently include Brown’s Chicken, Great American Bagel, McDonald’s, Potbelly, and Skuddlebutts pizza.

Jaguar Jungle: A fancy name for the Whittier School gym. It’s a jungle in there…

Monthly Masterpiece (or Masterpiece of the Month): A PTA-sponsored program that brings artists and their masterpieces into classrooms (during the school day) once a month for art education.

Second Step/SEL: DG58’s social-emotional learning initiative, brought to the classroom through the Second Step program and our school social worker.

Spirit Day: Mr. Krugman encourages students to wear Whittier Wear gear or school colors (blue and gold/yellow in a pinch) on Fridays.

Team Time/LTR: DG58’s Leading to Reading literacy program, through which students are grouped by fluency for reading classes (called Team Time by students).

Whittier Experiences: A popular component to Whittier School PTA fundraising that offers students and/or parents the opportunity to sign up for events like Daddy-Daughter Dance, Family Movie Night, Legacy Art (creating tiles to be displayed in the school hallways), Poker Night (for the grown ups again), and LOTS more. Information is always available around our fall and spring fundraisers, so stay tuned!

What’s the difference between…

Curriculum Night and Open House: Curriculum Night is a parents-only introduction to the school year, during which our principal Mr. Krugman will welcome everyone in the Jaguar Jungle before parents proceed to their child(ren)’s classroom(s) to meet teachers and learn what our students will be learning and doing daily. Usually falls in September.

Everyone—students, parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends—is encouraged to visit Whittier on Open House, an evening when teachers are in their classrooms and student work is on display. It’s an exciting opportunity to see what’s happening in your child(ren)’s classroom(s), and students are typically excited to brag to you about their work. Usually falls in April; often combined with a Book Fair.

What did we miss? Contact us, info@whittierschoolpta.org, and we’ll add it to the list!