Reimbursements and Deposits

Reimbursements and Deposits

Reimbursement and Deposit Procedures

Reimbursements for PTA Expenses

  1. Please fill out a voucher form in its entirety and include ALL RECEIPTS pertaining to your request. Blank voucher forms can be downloaded here or found in the PTA plastic tub, located on the bookshelf in the school office. All vouchers must contain the name and signature of the applicable committee chair, as well as a second signature (another individual from that committee when possible).
    Note: Please do not send reimbursement requests or money for deposits via your child’s backpack.
  2. Place your completed voucher form in the plastic green envelope marked “vouchers” in the PTA tub.
    Note: The PTA treasurer will check for reimbursements requests, vouchers, etc., every Monday morning. If you need funds immediately, please contact the treasurer directly to expedite your request.
  3. Checks will be deposited in the PTA tub in a red colored envelope marked “Checks” by Monday morning. Please retrieve your checks as soon as possible.
    Note: All checks require two signatures. This “checks and balances” aspect of our accounting system is the reason for the turn-around time.

Deposit of Funds

  1. Please fill out a deposit form in its entirety.
  2. Cash deposits should be hand delivered to the treasurer within 24 hours of the event date (i.e., Book Fair, Spring Fundraiser, Fun Lunch, etc.). Both the committee chair and treasurer will recount the money together and sign a deposit receipt. Please call to arrange a meeting with the PTA treasurer.
    Note: If the deposit is made solely of checks you may leave them in the PTA tub in a sealed envelope with a deposit form and a written tally of the checks. Please label the outside of the envelope with your committee name, to the attention of the PTA treasurer.

Revised: 5/2014