Book Fairs

Book Fairs


This year, the Fall and Spring book fairs will be sponsored by our very own neighborhood Anderson’s Book Store!

You asked for it, we’re providing it!  A book fair with more and varied selections for upper-grade kids and even adults!  An excellent selection of books for our youngest readers and pre-readers, plus award winning fiction!  Fewer erasers, pointing fingers and pens with heads on them!  (still want to buy those…come to my house, I have SEVERAL)   A book fair that supports our LRC, our school, AND our community!   A book fair that LASTS MORE THAN ONE DAY.

What?!?  Heresy!

I kid you not – this year’s Fall Book Fair will be set up in the LRC (dates TBD).  Kids will get an opportunity to make a wish list during the school day, and there will be afternoon/evening shopping hours for parents.  Keep your eye on the Whittier Weekly for details and times.

Profits from book sales will allow us to purchase a large selection of new books for our Whittier LRC and also support additional PTA programming.

Questions? Contact Denise Lazar or Anne Rowe.