Whittier Experiences

Whittier Experiences

New to Whittier and wondering what Experiences entail? Typically twice a year you are invited to host or sign up for Experiences, which are fun events funded and organized by Whittier families and/or staff. The hosts cover the cost of the event and then all registrations fees collected from those signing up for the event go to the PTA. Past experiences have included student focused events (movie night, bingo, kickball, etc.), while other experiences have been geared towards families or adult only events (yoga, volleyball, cooking, etc.)

If you are interested in hosting a SPRING EVENT in the March-June timeframe or want to know more, please contact Lindsay Monco at lindsay.x.monco@gmail.com

Online sign up for experiences has closed, but you can still register for the following Winter events by emailing Lindsay Monco.

Upcoming events include:

Movie Night
Date: January 10      Time: 6-8:30pm     Cost: $10 per Whittier student 
Location: Whittier Gym
Thank You Hosts: Shea, Adelman

Learn to Curl
Date: January 11     Time: 6-9pm     Max: 18 Adults Cost: $50 per person
Location: Windy City Curling, Villa Park
Thank You Hosts: Butts, Kuether, Beckelheimer, Nicholson

80’s & 90’s Karaoke
Date: January 25    Time: 7:30pm Cost: $40 per person (Adults only)
Location: The Brock Karaoke Studio- 5308 Cumnor Rd
Thank You Hosts: Brock, Lorenc

Time to Escape
Date: January 26     Time: 3pm and 4:30pm start    
Participants: Children in grades 3+ along with an adult (or two)
Cost: $30 per person
Location: Fuzzy Logic
Thank You Hosts: Achilles, Donat, Ihde, Joyce, Klepper, Lane, Rice and