Wanted: Back to School Photos & Videos

Wanted: Back to School Photos & Videos

Target Group: All Whittier Families

For our next Whittier video, Kelly Coleman, the Whittier Teacher Librarian would like your kid(s)’s First Day of School picture. You might have them pose with their backpacks in front of their home or school; some of you may have them holding a First Day of __ Grade sign; some of you might choose to have a 3 second video of them waving in their First Day outfits. 🙂 Of course, you will not be able to send these until Tuesday 9/1 or Wednesday 9/4, and that is fine! With masks–fine! Without masks–fine!

If you choose to participate, please have all of your Whittier students in one photo as opposed to individual shots of each child. Feel free to include WH alumni or little brothers and sisters that want to be part of it. I just know that, with the beginning of the year being different than it’s been in the past, we might not all get to see as many Smiling First Day Faces as usual.

For those who are new, we started making videos when we went into our spring remote learning scenario to build community and brighten the days of our Whittier families and staff. Here ya a link to one of last year’s videos: https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR2dTSlHXSLaNN–rzCRh55gf8dgkrBOE26wYuWJCOpDhMcftf2DylhdJqM&t=1s&v=3fHzX45DXps

As for privacy–these photos/videos will be compiled into a video stored on my YouTube page. The privacy setting will be set to “Unlisted,” which means that random people doing random searches will not be able to find the video–only those will the link (our Whittier community) can view it. No student names are used in the video.

Contact Name/E-mail address/Phone Numbers Kelly Coleman at kcoleman@dg58.org