Whittier Book Fair in the LRC 4/25/16 – 4/28/16

Whittier Book Fair in the LRC 4/25/16 – 4/28/16

Whittier Book Fair in the LRC

Monday, April 25 – Thursday, April 28

Thursday, April 28 is Open House!


If you listen closely, you can hear it…faint now, but growing louder with each passing day. It’s the agonizing primal scream of a parent who forgot to prepare an arsenal of summer reading for her children. She knows that each and every day of her could-be-awesome summer break will now involve the same mind-numbing argument…something like this:

Mom: Darling! Grab your book so you can do your daily reading at the pool/your brother’s baseball game/the park/on the curb of Main Street in front of the wine store. Hurry, my little buttercup!

Child: I have nothing to read.

Mom: Sure you do…

Child: no, I’ve already read everything we have and all our books are terrible and why do I have to read anyway reading is for school and I’m bored and my teacher didn’t say I had to and you are mean and Joe’s mom is so much cooler

Need I go on? We all know how this ends, and we all do NOT want to be this mom. But, like the weird psychic lady from Poltergeist who squeaks when she walks, the PTA is here to show you a way out of this terrible future. Run to the Book Fair, Carol Ann!!!

From Monday, April 25th all the way through the end of Open House on Thursday, April 28, the LRC will be paved with books. New books your children have never even thought about rejecting! Books their friends have read…and are talking about! Books selected by our friends at Anderson’s and by our hip and knowledgeable LRC staff….chosen to delight and enrapture even the ficklest of readers! Funny books…serious books…books that are part of a series!

And while your delightful offspring are reading their books, guess what YOU can do? Read your own! The Anderson’s Book Fair has selections for grown-ups, too…and I’m not talkin’ just cookbooks, my friend. Actual novels. Beach reads. That you can stick inside challenging works of literature so you don’t get judged harshly. Summer was meant to be enjoyed! Children need to read daily (especially during school breaks) to ensure they don’t lose scholastic progress! The way I see it, new books cure all ills.

Come get yours at the Book Fair!

(Book Fair profits support the purchase of new books and learning tools for the LRC, which benefits all Whittier students.)