Whittier Weekly – 10/5/20

Whittier Weekly – 10/5/20

Fun Lunch Refunds – Pick-up by Friday!

Audience: All Whittier Families

Calling all Fun Lunch lovers!

In lieu of the 2020 debacle and subsequent fall out, we have opted to issue refunds to the families of Whittier for the unused Fun Lunch funds from 2019-2020.

Checks have been written for the balance that was held in credit from the cancelled Fun Lunches from March – May 2020.

Please plan to pick up your check at your earliest convenience from the following locations:

Last names A – Harris

Stacy Klepper
702 Maple Ave.

Last names Hassan – Z

Lori Achilles
5312 Benton Ave.
(312) 371-7962

We will have you sign for your check when you pick it up for ease of accounting and tracking. Please text when you are on your way to be sure that we are home. The good news about remote learning is that we are generally home ALL DAY! 

Any checks NOT picked up prior to October 9 will be voided and donated to the general PTA fund.

Questions? Contact Stacy Klepper at Stacywalt@yahoo.com

Connect with your Whittier Family

Audience: All Whittier Families

I know this is an “interesting” year (to say the least) and so many things are different. But since we’re all looking for a bit of normalcy, here is my annual push to join the PTA and other administrative tasks! It seems more important to stay connected digitally right now, so completing these tasks are important. Many of you have already done these, so thank you!

1) Join the PTA: https://whittierschoolpta.org/join/
Joining the PTA is where you can sign up to purchase a paper copy of the directory, advertise in the directory, make an Angel Donation, and/or express interest in getting more involved in the various Whittier committees and events. If you’ve never joined the PTA, your Directory Spot account will be created once you sign up and pay for your membership.
*You need to join the PTA every year, should you choose to do so.

2) Review (and update if needed) your directory information: https://www.directoryspot.net

Once you have a Directory Spot account, that will remain intact going forward. It’s up to you to update any personal contact information, but I will update grades and teachers each year. For new families, to gain access to the online directory, you must first join the PTA (step #1 above). Updates can only be made on a computer, not via the app (grrrrrr…). The directory is used for Whittier families only, and can be used to contact classmates and parents. The deadline to update your information to be included in the printed directory is September 30th.’

3) Register for the PTA Website: http://whittierschoolpta.org/register-ww/
The email address used here is where the Whittier Weekly (weekly newsletter) will be sent. If you’ve received this newsletter directly from the Whittier PTA, congrats – you’ve already completed this step!
*You only do this once and don’t need to register every year.

4) Join the PTA Facebook page: This is a great way to connect with other Whittier families and send quick messages and get updates. Feel free to let us know of other Whittier families that may want to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/127540600656517/

Questions? Contact Ann Russell at AnnKHRussell@yahoo.com