Whittier Weekly – 11/15/20

Whittier Weekly – 11/15/20

We hope this note finds everyone well. Please find a few important happenings below!

Best Wishes for Mrs. Schoenberger

Audience: All Whittier Families

Mrs. Leslie Schoenberger recently retired from Whittier after several years of dedicated service. From helping connect forgotten i-pads and lunches, to helping keep track of attendance, visitors, and student appointments, Mrs. Schoenberger interacted with hundreds of kids through the years.

If your child/family would like to make a card or note of best wishes, we have set out a box to collect these items on the front porch of the Popielarz house at 5255 Grand Avenue. Items can be dropped off through Friday November 20, and will then be provided to Mrs. Schoenberger with a small token of appreciation from the Whittier PTA.

Contact Cheryl Popielarz with questions at c_popielarz@yahoo.com

WRECK Dancing Lights! – Closes Tomorrow (11/16)

Audience: All Whittier Families

Kids (and parents) will participate in two Zoom sessions where they will build their own computer controlled LED light string. These can be programmed to music and become their own personal Christmas light display, or anything else their creative minds come up with.

The cost is $30 per kit, so order as many as you need for your family.

There will be Monday night and Sunday afternoon sessions available. See the link below for exact details. https://whittierschoolpta.org/activities/wreck/

Contact Matt Butts at mattbutts@gmail.com with any questions.