Whittier Weekly – 3/14/21

Whittier Weekly – 3/14/21

Weeds and Seeds

Weeds and Seeds Club this year is looking for families to adopt a plant for our garden. We will begin growing the seedlings at home and plant them in May. Responsibilities include planting the seeds and watering until the seedlings can be transplanted in May. If you family would like to participate, please complete this form: https://forms.gle/P9Hah8EY6UQGeMbH8

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 10, from 3:15-3:45pm. 

Mrs. Gergits Zoom Information: Meeting ID 346 505 0963, Password 123


PTA Openings

  • Secretary (1 person, averages 1 hour per week)
    • Attend Executive Board Meetings/General PTA meetings (most likely virtual for some time). Afterwards, prepare PTA Meeting Minutes, and publish on the PTA Website
    • On a weekly basis, manage the Whittier PTA Mailbox, and create and Publish the Whittier Weekly and other PTA Special Announcements.
    • Want to learn more? Contact Cheryl Popielarz
  • Communication (includes Website and Directory, one person or a team)
    • Keep the PTA’s website updated, assist with sign ups as needed, and manage other communication tools such as the PTA’s Facebook page and Whittier Directory. Volunteers also work with other committee chairs on how to make timely updates on the website. Annually, the person responsible for the directory gathers the information and creates a printable directory. Ideally we could find a volunteer before the end of the 2020-2021 school year so that there is a gradual transition during the current committee chair’s last 2 years at Whittier.
    • Want to learn more? Please contact Ann Russell
  • Family Fun (1 to 2 people, Averages <1 hour per event)
    • Partner with local eating establishments to coordinate monthly Fundraisers for Whittier, and promote and advertise them in the school and community. Places in the past have included Mod Pizza, Culvers, Baked Apple, Five Guys, and McDonalds.
    • Use the proceeds from fundraisers to plan a Whittier community events. Past events have included “Last day of School” festivities, Whittier Roller Skating, and a Trampoline Park event.
    • Want to learn more? Contact Melissa Rausch or Cheryl Popielarz
  • Fall 2021 Fundraiser  (Can be 1 person, although multiple are welcome!)
    • While it seems early, this committee starts planning our Fall event late Summer. The event takes place in the Fall. Past events have included a Jaguar Jog, Color Run, and Scavenger Hunt, but we are always open to fresh ideas. 

Timing– Candidates will be nominated in April 13th PTA meeting and voted in May 18th PTA (final meeting of this school year). Roles start at the beginning of 2021 school year (August 2021).