Whittier Weekly – April 28, 2020

Whittier Weekly – April 28, 2020

*****UPDATE****** Due to a strong response rate, we are changing the deadline to request refunds to this FRIDAY, MAY 1ST. We appreciate your understanding and hope all welcome receiving requested refunds earlier than initially promised.  Thank you!******


We know it’s a confusing time right now and wanted to offer everyone options in lieu of all of the cancelled programs (Experiences and Wreck).  Please advise PTA Treasurer, Lori Achilles, via email at Lori.Achilles@gmail.com which option you would prefer by FRIDAY, MAY 1ST.


1.  Donate your money to the PTA.

2.  Donate some money to the PTA (specify amount), and receive a partial refund for the rest.

3.  Issue a full refund.

If Lori has not heard from you by FRIDAY, MAY 1ST, your balance will be considered as a donation to the PTA.  Lori will start issuing refunds on Monday, May 4th. Due to the manual nature, it will take several days to complete.  If you need the money immediately, please let Lori know.  
Lori is available to answer any questions regarding refunds for Experiences and Wreck, only.


Only those families leaving Whittier (graduating out or leaving the school) will be receiving Fun Lunch refunds.  All other families will receive a credit in their Boonli account to use in the fall Fun Lunch ordering process.  If you have any questions regarding Fun Lunch, please reach out to Karrie Donat (karrie313@gmail.comand/or Stacy Klepper (stacyklepper17@gmail.com).

We appreciate your patience.