Whittier Weekly: February 28, 2017

Whittier Weekly: February 28, 2017

“The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering.”

-Benjamin Spock


 Upcoming Dates:

  • Fri 3/3 –  NO SCHOOL – Teacher Institute Day


  1. Destination Imagination
  2. Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence K-3 Friendship Program
  3. Heroes Program for 4/5 Grade Boys
  4. Jaguar Jog 2017 Co-Chair Volunteer Request
  5. Young Rembrandts Volunteer Request
  6. Spring Fundraiser Volunteer Request
  7. Chess Scholars Spring Session
  8. Reading Games



1. Destination Imagination

The regional tournament for Destination Imagination is on Saturday, March 4th at Hadley Junior High in Glen Ellyn.  There are eight teams from Whittier School competing at the tournament. Teams have been busy preparing for the tournament the last several months.
Come out and support these creative kids and learn about Destination Imagination!  This is a great way to get a firsthand view of DI in action.
To learn more about DI and the upcoming regional tournament CLICK HERE!
Below is a schedule of the Whittier teams’ time slots for presentations and rooms where they will be presenting.
TIME                ROOM                              TEAM NAME                            MANAGER
9:20 am        Library Media Room            Improvisation                       Wendy Carter’s team
9:20 am        Room 132                           Imaginative Dragons            Debbie Dobrez’s team
10:00 am      Library Media Room           LMD                                      Shelly Beavers & Melissa Rausch’s team
10:40 am      Room 134                           HubbuJubs                           Val Hardy’s team
10:40 am      Room 138                           Rising Stars                          Michelle Rafacz’s team
1:40 pm        Room 130                           DI Donuts                             Julie DeCero’s team
1:40 pm        Library Media Room           Magic Seven                        Debbie Dobrez’s team
2:40 pm        Library Media Room           Improvisation                       Lisa McTigue’s team

2. Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence K-3 Friendship Program

Mark your calendar for:

A New HGNA Friendship Program designed for girls in grades K-3

Where: Indian Trails Elementary School

When: Saturday, March 4 from 10-12pm

Cost: $18

Learning how to be a good friend is a journey.  Starting early can help create the road map needed for your daughter to navigate healthy friendships throughout her life!

Click here for the flyer for more information.

Click here to register now!

3. Heroes Program for 4/5 Grade Boys 

Mark your calendar for: 
Heroes: A New Program for Boys in Grades 4 and 5
In partnership with Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence
Where: Kingsley Elementary School
When: Saturday, March 18 @ 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Cost: $30.
Registration is open! Click HERE to register.

Heroes is a half-day event where fourth and fifth grade boys will participate in engaging workshops that will lead them to identify and embrace their unique qualities allowing them to be their best self. Through fun team-building activities, they will learn to work together to ensure all people are valued and discover how friendships are developed and ever-changing. Within small group environments, trained facilitators will cover topics that include self-awareness, conflict resolution, stress management and respect.  An exciting game of dodgeball and lunch are also included in this event!

For more information regarding this event or any questions please contact info@hgna.org


4. Jaguar Jog 2017 Co-Chair Volunteer Request

Hi all! Looking for someone to shadow/co-chair the 2017 Jaguar Jog.  The planning has already begun and we need your help!

This co-chair position will then lead to chairing the jog the following year with a new co-chair to shadow you.

Please contact Karrie Donat (karrie313@gmail.com) or Carla Giannelli (carla3374@sbcglobal.net) if you are interested and to find out the details of what is needed.

The Jaguar Jog is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and it cannot be done without the help of many volunteers!

WE appreciate your help! 

5. Young Rembrandts Volunteer Request

Young Rembrandts Art Class is still in need for a parent volunteer ASAP to supervise classes on Tuesday afternoons from 2:55-3:55 at Whittier.
Duties include making sure all students are kind, courteous, and picked up after class.
Classes are currently in session and continue through Tuesday, Mar 21.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Karrie Donat at 773.484.7924 or karrie313@gmail.com

6. Spring Fundraiser Volunteer Request

The fundraiser is in need of volunteers, please Carrie or Michelle if you are interested.  Thank you!

Carrie Grebel
Michelle Aleksiunas

7. Chess Scholars Spring Session

The sign up for the Spring session of Chess Scholars is here! Registration details are in the flyer below. Register by 3/10 for the early bird price of $132.00.
If you have any questions, please contact Mindy Werner at minwerner4@gmail.com.

8. Reading Games

The Games are fast approaching! As your team continues to prepare, please keep the following in mind:
1. Doors will open at 8:30 on competition day (March 11, 2017). The first round will begin promptly at 9:00. Your team will have plenty of time to check-in and get to your room prior to the start of The Games. Teams will not be allowed into the building prior to 8:30, so please plan according .
2. The room Moderator will read each question twice.  Once the question has been read, the teams will have 20 seconds to confer about the answer.
3. If the team that initially received the question answers correctly, that question is done. However, if the team that initially received the question answers incorrectly, the other team will have a chance to “steal” the question.  The team with the chance to “steal” must provide its answer immediately when asked by the Moderator.  The question will NOT be re-read by the Moderator, and the team will NOT have any additional time to confer about the answer.
4. For each question you receive – whether it is your own question or one you have the chance to “steal” – the Team Captain must either answer it or appoint a team member to answer it.  Another team member may not answer until they have been appointed by the Team Captain.  Answers given by a team member other than the Team Captain or appointed team member will be ignored by the Moderator and will not be counted as the team’s official answer.
5. Team Captains can have a piece of paper with a list of who read which book. This is the ONLY information allowed by a team. Notes regarding the books are not permitted – this rule includes notes written on hands / skin as well as notes written on t-shirts / costumes as decorations.
6. Teams often choose to dress in costume, but this is not mandatory. Some teams choose to order The Reading Games t-shirts and decorate them, others teams wear The Reading Games t-shirts without additional decorations. Teams also wear unique costumes or no costumes at all. Please keep in mind, no written information deemed pertinent to the book can be included in the design of your team’s costume.