Whittier Weekly: October 4, 2016

Whittier Weekly: October 4, 2016

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela


       Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday 10/5 – Walking Club and Store (during lunch recess)
  • Thursday 10/6 – Baseball Day – Wear your favorite team jersey or colors
  • Friday 10/7 – Whittier Spirit Day! Wear Whittier Spirit Wear or blue/gold
  1. Fall Experiences
  2. Destination Imagination
  3. Language Labs Spanish Classes
  4. Reading Games
  5. Walking Club Donation Request
  6. Reflections Fine Arts Competition
  7. LRC Subscriptions
  8. WRECK Needs Help!


1. Fall Experiences

Thank you to everyone that has sent in payment for their experiences.  Please continue to send them in this week via backpack mail to Carla Giannelli.  There are a few experiences still available:




Ladies Mix n’ Mingle


Tea for Two (3:00 p.m. session)

Winter Wonderland


If you are interested in any of the above experiences, please email Carla Giannelli at carla3374@sbcglobal.net



2. Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination promotes creativity, teamwork and problem-solving.  It is a program that runs much like Reading Games and the Variety Show.  Interested students grades K-6 form teams of 2 – 7 students and meet outside of school hours to work collaboratively and creatively on a team-chosen challenge.  Team challenges include improvisational, fine arts, scientific, engineering, and community service projects.  Each team must have an adult team manager to guide students in the creative process.  In March, teams showcase their challenge and hard work at a regional tournament.

Check out the 2016/17 team challenges and DI’s website.

If you are interested in forming a team this year or have any questions, please contact Shelly Beavers schultz72@ameritech.net by October 15th.




3. Language Labs Spanish Classes

Registration is OPEN for after school Spanish!

Scientists believe before age 10 is the BEST time to begin learning a new language because as we get older it becomes increasingly difficult to absorb words in this manner.  Beginning now is a great head start!

When do classes begin? Thursday, October 13th

How much does it cost? The early bird price of $280 has expired, the new price is $300

What grades are included? Currently grades 1-6 only

How can I register my child? You can register online at www.thelanguagelabs.net and choose Spanish, then scroll down to register. It’s a snap!

Questions? Contact Language Labs Principal Lourdes Beard at 630-533-2644



4. Reading Games

This is a reading program that was created by our very own Whittier teachers – Mrs. Gergits and Mrs. Krygeris! The games are open to all District 58 students in grades 3 through 8. The primary goal is to get students to READ!   Teams of students, up to 8 per team, read though a list of 15 books and then gather together for the big tournament to answer trivia-style questions about these books. This year’s Reading Games tournament will take place on Saturday, March 11, 2017.
Do you have questions about this program?  Feedback?  Please contact Rita Brezina at erbrezina@gmail.com with either!
CLICK HERE for the flyer!

5. Walking Club Donation Request

Walking Club is looking for donations for their Walking Club store. For those that aren’t familiar with Walking Club, every Wednesday during the fall and spring seasons, students are invited (and challenged!) to walk or run laps around the school building during recess. With every lap completed, students earn “Cat Cash” to spend at the Walking Club Store. The store could use things like pencils, rubber balls, trading cards, games, erasers, stuffed animals, cars, figurines, pads of paper, etc. Think about things you might be able to “purchase” at Chuck-e-Cheese or might get in a birthday party goodie bag. Please no candy/food or toy weapons.

If you have anything you think the Walking Club might be able to use, please contact Debbi Andrews at deachick1@yahoo.com

6. Reflections Fine Arts Competition


Is this chilly autumn weather keeping your kids inside with nothing to do?  Why not get their creative juices flowing and start a Reflections Project?

The theme this year is “What is Your Story?”

And don’t limit your littles (or bigs) to drawing a picture, although that’s completely acceptable, because there are 6 different categories!!

Dance choreography

Film Production


Music Composition


Visual Arts


Just be sure to follow the link above for specific rules for each category, or contact me and I’ll be happy to help!  Student entry forms went home on Monday.

Wendy Carter at wendlycarter@att.net


7. LRC Subscriptions

We are looking for some families to make a worthwhile contribution to the LRC at Whittier by sponsoring a magazine subscription. Magazines provide a unique opportunity to get children interested in reading while developing the critical academic skills they will need in the years to come.  The selection of magazines is wide ranging and will certainly appeal to boys and girls of all ages and interests.

With parent contributions we will receive a full year of issues in the LRC.  Your help is making this valuable resource a part of our kids’ education and is greatly appreciated.  Interested families can review the list of magazines and subscription rates here and send a check (payable to Whittier PTA) to Carla Giannelli via backpack mail.



8. WRECK Needs Help!

WRECK sessions will be starting soon, but the program is in need of someone who can assist at least some of the time this year with the intention of taking over the program next year. For those not familiar, WRECK is a PTA-sponsored program that stands for the Whittier Robotics and Engineering Club for Kids, and is offered to 3rd- and 4th-graders. Utilizing new Lego WeDo kits and software, we will give interested boys and girls an introduction to robotics and programming. However, no engineering or robotics experience is needed to lead WRECK! Sessions will be once a week in the evening. If interested, please email andyknudsen@gmail.com