Whittier Weekly – Week of Aug. 13th – Vol. 2

Whittier Weekly – Week of Aug. 13th – Vol. 2

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOLThursday, August 26th!

First Day of school for students is Thursday, August 26th! Kindergarten OKEEP through 6th grade full day attendance (Hours 8:15AM – 3:00PM). Kindergarten (Morning Only) 8:15AM to 11:20AM

CHALK THE WALK – Sunday, August 22nd

Please join us to throughout the day on Sunday, August 22nd at Whittier to decorate the school grounds with inspirational sayings and pictures as we gear up for the beginning of the school year! Please bring your own chalk to use! The whole district will be participating in this event put on by the DGJWC. We are excited to be a part of it and would love as many families to participate who can! Questions? Please reach out to Cindy Maquet 773.458.4880

SCHOOL SUPPLY DROP OFF – Tuesday, August 24th

This year, we will be conducting a Meet & Greet and Supply Drop-off for all students, grades Kindergarten through 6. Students and parents will have an opportunity to briefly meet their teacher while dropping their school supplies off if they would like.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 24, from 2:45-3:30pm. More information and specific procedures will be in the next What’s Up at Whittier, but we wanted to give you the date and time for planning purposes.

PTA Committee Positions Open

We have several committee positions open, as listed below. If you are interested, please contact Mandi Torello or Sarah Forillo.


Responsibilities include keeping the PTA’s website updated, assisting with sign ups as needed, and managing other communication tools such as the PTA’s Facebook page and WhittierDirectory. Volunteers also work with other committee chairs on how to make timely updates on the website. Annually, the person responsible for the directory gathers the information and creates a printable directory. If you are interested and want to learn more, contact Ann Russell

Target Number of Volunteers: one person or a team

Estimated Time Commitment: 2 hours (start of the year) / 1 week thereafter
Required Availability: Flexible

Outside Programs Coordinator (Chess Scholars, Language Labs, Young Rembrandts)

Whittier offers our students several programs on a for-fee basis after school one day per week through external organizations. PTA members help liaise between the school and these external organizations for session scheduling and information distribution purposes. One PTA parent volunteer must also be present each week during chess in order to assist with attendance and overall supervision.

Target Number of Volunteers: 1
Estimated Time Commitment: Minimal (coordinator)
Required Availability: Weekday Afternoons

Math & Science Night

Math Night is an event for 4th-6th graders and their families to explore math concepts in a fun, hands-on way outside of the traditional classroom setting. Science Night is an all-school event for students and their families to interact with science concepts in a tangible and exciting manner. PTA members serving on the Math & Science Night committee plan, prepare for, and lead various sessions at the events.

Target Number of Volunteers: 10-20
Estimated Time Commitment: A few hours (early planning) / Significant (the week of the event)
Required Availability: Flexible (early planning) / Weekday Evening (night of event)

Walking Club

The Walking Club promotes fitness for Whittier’s students. Each student participant can earn one Walking Club “dollar” per lap completed during their recess time on Walking Club dates (Walking Club runs in the fall and spring only). Students can then spend their earned “dollars” in the Walking Club “store” when it is made available to them. Committee member duties may include printing/preparing the Walking Club dollars, buying the prizes for the Walking Club store, keeping inventory of the prizes, and scheduling parent volunteers to help track students’ laps, distribute dollars, encourage the kids to walk, and distribute prizes.

Target Number of Volunteers: 1-5
Estimated Time Commitment: 1 hour per week (when Walking Club is in season)
Required Availability: From 11:25 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. on Wednesdays (Fall and Spring Only)