Whittier Weekly- Week of March 7th – Vol. 28

Whittier Weekly- Week of March 7th – Vol. 28


For those still wondering what Experiences entail, basically someone or a group of people (parents or teachers) sign up to host an event. The hosts pay for everything and then charge a fee to those that want to attend. 100% of fees go to the PTA. Hosts do not recover any of their costs. Events vary from year to year, but we historically offer a variety of experiences geared towards families, adults or students. Past experiences have included a Kickball Tournament, Mom’s Night Out, Bags Tournament, Movie Night, etc.If you are interested in hosting an event, please let me know. Event details are due March 11th!. Experiences should take place between April 1st and mid June.If the statewide indoor mask mandate is removed on February 28, hosts will be able to offer indoor events. We will need to follow whatever guidance is in place at the time of the event. Regardless, we plan to continue to offer outdoor events also.

Please contact Lindsay Monco – Lindsay.x.monco@gmail.com.

Math & Science Night

Mark your calendar for the Whittier PTA Family Math & Science Night – this event will take place at Whittier on Thursday, March 24 from 6:00-8:00pm. More information will be coming!

And Now….A Special Message from Your PTA:

Did you know it takes a village to run all of the wonderful opportunities that the PTA hosts to support our Whittier school community? We have an AMAZING family of volunteers and would LOVE for YOU to join us!

It is time for YOU TO STEP UP!!!!! Our fun programs cannot run without people stepping up!!! 

Here is what we are looking for: 



Co-Vice Presidents (2 people, for 2022-2023, become Co-Presidents 2023-2024 school year)Attend Executive Board Meetings/General PTA meetings (most likely virtual for some time).Shadow the Co-Presidents the first year


Variety Show Committee Chairs

The Variety Show committee is responsible for the production of the annual Whittier School Variety Show (last presented in 2020) at the Tivoli Theatre. The show typically consists of over 200 students in more than 30 acts. Committee members coordinate school rehearsals and direct all aspects of the technical run, dress rehearsal, and school and final performances.

Target Number of Volunteers: 1-5Estimated Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per week from late November through the show in early February Required Availability: Weekdays After School, 1 Weekday During the School Day, and 1 Weekend Morning

Fall Fundraiser

Who has an idea for our Fall Fundraiser?? It is time to put your thinking cap on! We need 2 people to chair the fall fundraiser – the best part is if YOU are the chair – YOU get to decide what it is! A Jog, a trivia night, a casino night, etc… Typically the Fall Fundraiser takes place in September. Therefore, the planning needs to start soon! Please contact Cindy Maquet at cindymaquet@hotmail.com if you are interested in STEPPING UP!

Green Team Co-Chair!
Green Team maintains and beautifies the outdoor spaces around Whittier Elementary School in order to foster a sense of pride in the school and community by working toward this common goal. Green Team is made up of PTA volunteers and may also include student volunteers to help with landscaping and other environmental tasks.

Target Number of Volunteers: 5-10
Estimated Time Commitment: Minimal (summer and winter) / 1 hour per week (fall and spring)
Required Availability: Weekday Afternoons and/or Weekends

Contact our current Chairperson, Kelly Freely, at kfreely@hotmail.com

Parent Volunteer Opportunity: Summer Math Club

Target Number of Volunteers: 2-5

Estimated Time Commitment: Minimal 

Required Availability: Some Weekday Mornings (during the summer only)

Afraid of committing, but want more info!? Well, you’ll fit right in! None of us remember agreeing to this, but are certainly happy to be making a difference. (We kid! We kid!)

Contact one of our PTA Co-Presidents (Mandi Torello at acraig1014@gmail.com or Sarah Forillo at sarahforillo@gmail.com) to learn more. We promise you won’t be signed up for anything until we hear “count me in”!